Crimson Crest

 May'24 (Spring) The Shelduck gleams, a jewel bright, With emerald neck and breast of white. On wings of marigold, a crimson crest, A herald of the springtime's quest. By reeds she wades, a vibrant form, As life awakens after storm. Her call, a melody so sweet, A symphony driving winter's retreat. With her tame temper, this life participant Observes one night the synergy Of the expense of energy: The sun's embrace, the rain's soft kiss, The dance of wind, a gentle bliss. (Summer) The months unfold, with sunlit grace, Warm days extend, a longer pace. The Sheldrake dives, a feathered dart, Her brood emerges, full of heart. When daylight fades in fiery hue, Pleasant exhaustion whispers true. As twilight dims and stars appear, A hush descends from far to near. Curled by the water, with wings held tight She dreams of flight beneath night's light. The Shelduck rests, by moonlit shore, Contentment deep, to strive no more.